Kazbegi Juta 2 day tour - 2 Days

Kazbegi, Juta and Truso Gorge 2 day tour

We will start Kazbegi tour at 9.00am and drive to Kazbegi town, newly given name is Stephantsminda, but always hard to forget former toponyms.

As we are going to mountains and Kazbegi is one of the highest peak of Caucasus, if you are familiar with high blood pressure problems, I have some underground tours as well.
En route we will visit Ananuri fortress and church (17-th century). Castle and churches of Dukes of Aragvi, witness of cruel battles of pride dukes against actually everybody and you might guess the end of their dynasty.
We will cross central Caucasus ridge at the Crosspass, pass the Winter resort Gudauri, then stop at the edge of rocky cliff and you can enjoy views from High peak at the valley.
Then we will drive to Holy Trinity church, where from the hight of 2200m we will be able to see town Kazbegi, surrounding high mountains and beauty of Caucasus, ice covered Mount Kazbegi 5037m.
Village Juta, Chaukhi mountain, who aren’t lazy, follow me up to the base of ice topped mount Chaukhi.

During Kazbegi tour we will visit village where locals claim that they are the people who lives at highest altitude in Europe. Many reasons to visit this region: Highest peak of Caucasus on the Eastern side mount Kazbegi 5037m, Holy Trinity church at the altitude of 2200 and of course scenic Military road. Truso Gorge with mineral water rivers, lakes, old, abandoned villages, fortresses. Several waterfalls: Arsha, Gveleti waterfalls. And pearl of the region,  amazing village Juta at the altitude 2240m and Rocky mountain Chaukhi with ice covered peaks, highest peak 3800m.

Truso gorge

Of course we have to mention Truso gorge, mostly abandoned, best place for mountain hikers. There are many hot or cold mineral water sources in Georgia, but Truso gorge is the only gorge in Georgia with mineral mountains, mineral water lakes and there is even mineral water river. Hike will be easy up to the last abandoned village of Truso gorge as you just have to follow river gorge, there aren't difficult ascents, length of the route will be around 10km. We can do 2 day Kazbegi tour, which will include Truso gorge.

Village Juta

Very unique village, where people still preserve old way of life. You can enjoy scenic views of Chaukhi mountain. Walk through narrow trails of the village and see traditional barn houses, herds of horses, cows and bulls and taste natural products if you know the right family. Horse riding can be done from village Juta to the base of Chaukhi mountain. There are popular treks within village Juta. Most popular from Juta to Roshka via Abudelauri lakes. Trek has difficulty level high. Approx distance 18km to Roshka, elevation to be crossed 3000m. There is another route to Roshka via Sadzele which doesn't pass famous Abudelauri lakes, but it's' not not as difficult.

Because of these reasons Kazbegi definitely deserves to be on list of most visited sites of Georgia. There are already several hostels and hotels in village Juta. First one at the entrance most expensive, but I can't  advise to anyone because of low level service. Fifth Season has good location above the village on the way to Chaukhi mountain, it's more for young travelers with noisy bar, can't recommend to those who wants to have a rest. And it's expensive. Zeta camp has nice location as well and dedicated area for tents. You can rent a tent here if you don't have one. I advise to stay overnight in the village and stay at local family. Arabuli Noshre's family is the best, nice food, attentive hosts and all the basic comfort.

Day 1

In the morning driving to Kazbegi.

En route visit Ananuri fortress and church (17-th century).

We will cross central Caucasus hill at the Crosspass, pass the Winter resort Gudauri, then road will continue through the Tergi Gorge, river Tergi rises from the Northern slope of Caucasus.

From Juta we will hike up to the beauty of Caucasus, mountain Chaukhi, in summer mountain slopes still covered in ice, on the way river runs through avalanches and creates exciting waterfalls.

We will drive up to the Dariali Gorge and up to the Gveleti waterfall. Then we will turn from the main road and drive to the mountainous village Juta, located at elevation 2200m (20 km from Stephantsminda). On the way will see village Sno and Shiola's tower.

Overnight in Juta old village house, nice place to familiarize with locals and their culture. Or we can stay in Kazbegi.

Day 2

Next day, we will drive back, not reaching Corss pass, we will turn from central road, here the amazing Truso gorge starts, with mineral water lakes, rivers and even hills are created from salty minerals. Road goes through several abandoned villages, can be done on foot or by car.

In the evening we will drive back to Tbilisi, late evening arrival, approx 10.00pm

Tour length approx. 250 miles

What's included

  • Guiding, Transportation, 2 meals per day, accommodation in a Guesthouse

What's excluded

  • Any personal expenses

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Trip Facts

  • No deposit needed to book the tour, just pay before beginning the tour
  • By car
  • Max 4
  • 2200m
  • Within Tbilisi area
  • Within Tbilisi area
  • Ages 8 and up
  • May-September
  • Moderate