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<span style="font-weight: bold;">Tbilisi &amp; Mtskheta Day Tour</span><br>
Tbilisi & Mtskheta Day Tour
Capital of Georgia counts 1500 years. Georgians like to count not years but centuries, looking around, everything breathes with history, but before Tbilisi was Mtskheta, former capital of Kartli Kingdom which is even older.Name of the city comes from Georgian word_თბილი("Tbili"-warm), there is nice legend about warm sulfur waters and how King Vakhtang Gorgasali from 5th century by accident discovered this miracle of nature when he gone for hunting, how his servants found falcon and pheasant in a boiling, hot spring. King excited by nature of this place decided to move capital from Mtskheta. But it's just nice legend. Here, within the bath district area you will find Muslim Mosque, Armenian church, Jewish Synagogue and Georgian churches all together. While after a time multifaceted ethnic image was changed, still can say that Old Tbilisi preserves the spirit of those times.

<span style="font-weight: bold;">Ananuri fortress &amp; Mtskheta town</span><br>
Ananuri fortress & Mtskheta town
Price: $150.00
Former capital of Georgia_ Mtskheta in a row of oldest towns of the world. Remains of town at this location have been dated to earlier than the year 1000 BC. Mtskheta is the part of UNESCO World heritage. It's ancient town, where history left his trace everywhere, renovated old style houses with balconies, Cathedral Svetitskhoveli, Jvari Monastery overlooking at Mtskheta from mountaintop was built in 6-th century.Ananuri fortress, residence of dukes of Aragvi, witness of harsh battles and tragic story of dukes family. Ananuri is on the tentative list of UNESCO heritage and can say it definitely deserves more.Complex represented by several churches, one of those largest church of assumption has nice carved ornaments on exterior and frescoes inside. Unfortunately wall of the altar was damaged during the battle and new wall made by Russians in Russian style. Frescoes also, probably already damaged by assault and fire, then were plastered by Russians like in Mtskheta.
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Kakheti wine &amp; History 2 Day&nbsp; tour</span><br>
Kakheti wine & History 2 Day  tour
Within kakheti wine tour we will visit following places:1. Ujarma fortress (3-4th century)and a church at the slope of the hill near the road, scenic views of Gombori pass.2. David Gareja, Monastic complex in a half desert mount Gareja, It’s unique architecture comprised of dozens of caves and monasteries and was founded in 6-th century. .3. Sighnaghi, fascinating town located in the Georgia’s easternmost region of Kakheti, was built by king Irakli of Georgia in 18th century and is prominent of its unique architecture. Located at the top of the mountain, visitors can enjoy views at Alazani valley and at the Great Caucasus mountains .4. Shuamta Monastery built in 5-th century, newer one in 17-th. 5. Nekresi monastery complex at the hilltop with it's unique and intriguing history from Mythraism to Christianity. Complex unites several churches from the begining of 4th century and ending 16th  6. Alaverdi Monastery from 11th century. 7. Gremi Monastery and fortress, former residence of Kakhetian kings. Largest town of Kakheti Telavi and King Erekle's palace, museum. And also important part of the tour is visit of the Qvevry master and wine tasting at small wine cellars, as many as you like))
<span style="font-weight: bold;">10 day History and culture tour&nbsp;</span>
10 day History and culture tour 
Price: $1800.00
All major historical & cultural sites are included in this tour: Tbilisi old town, Mtkheta town and Svetitskhoveli, Jvari monasteri, Ananuri fortress and church, Gergety Holly Trinity church at Kazbegi, Mueums and monasteries of Kakheti and of course famous Gelati monastery, Motsameta monastery in Imereti region. To make this tour more pleasant and  diverse I also included Shatili tower village with scenic, adventurous road and scenic Caucasus mountains
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Gareja desert &amp; Sighnaghi town&nbsp;</span>
Gareja desert & Sighnaghi town 
Price: $190.00
Gareja desert was chosen by father David in 6th century when he came here with his disciples from Syria. Georgian tradition names Assyrian Monks as founders of ascetic life in Georgia. After their arrival, monastic life was spread through whole Gareja desert and their number at some time reached 22. Even now, some monasteries are still functional. Major monastery is St. David's Lavra. Two other monasteries (Horn of Dodo and The John the Baptist were founded by Lucian and Dodo, disciples of St. David). St David's Lavra is the major site where most travelers go. Unfortunately, because of dispute between Azerbaijan and Georgia, historic part of monastery complex, around 50 caves are now under Azerbaijan border guards control, so at the moment we don't have access to those caves and we can't do hike up to the hill as we did before.
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