Georgia From Insider

While visiting foreign countries, smart travelers always look for useful information about the place they visit. Then depending on interests, one can plan the trip.

Travelers point of view always interesting. What’s routine part of life for locals, same can be astonishing fact for strangers. We, Georgians can learn from strangers what’s unique in our culture and what negative sides we have.

Guide books

Searching through reviews or impressions about my country, I found lots of interesting facts, views at our life from different side, they definitely deserve right to be known by Georgians as well. Despite being interesting, most reviews are about highlights of the country and are limited in choice. While Georgia occupies approx. 50 000sq km-s after Russian occupation in 2008, still so much interesting to see. Unfortunately, when one place becomes well known, everybody then sticks to that site and sometimes other, not less interesting routes remain under-evaluated. Same we can say about well known guide books. You can find so much useful information, but again well known routes and places. Guide books aren’t interested in discoveries, their main duty is to give detailed information about popular sites. That’t the way how modern marketing works, there must be demand for supply to exist.

With guide or without

Another problem what inexperienced travelers can face, is the lack of information about culture and life of the  local community. Again, travelers who travel on their own, have no close touch with locals and there isn’t anybody who can navigate them through local culture. These travelers very often can leave country with wrong impressions, misunderstand cultural or social character of local society.

I always think that it’s waste of time when you can’t properly position yourself against the time and space and it’s the case when one travels without prior knowledge about the place. In my view, most important experience you can get during the trip is the feeling of transformation, you must not be just observer of any nature sites or historical artifacts, you must become participant, active player of local culture. This is impossible without socialising. The view of the insider is invaluable in cases, if someone wishes to fully enjoy time spent abroad. Not everybody can afford to hire a guide or just doesn’t feel comfortable with stranger, thus my blog hope will help you to navigate through Georgia.
I will try to share with you my point of view about places what you can visit in Georgia and include both well known and unknown sites, what’s worth to see. Despite the globalization, Georgians still preserve their authentic culture, not similar to other nations, They aren’t Asians, nor Europeans. As a Country located on the border between Asia and Europe, Georgian nation mentally reassembles characteristic signs of Asians and keeps close ties with Europe at the same time.

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