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Hi, some words about me
I graduated from the Tbilisi State University for the Philology, Georgian Language and Literature, then continued my research in Folklore and Ethnology. I’ve been an independent tour guide for over 10 years.
I have traveled and studied in several foreign Countries in the past, worked in different hotels of UK, so familiar with western style service which we lack sometimes in Georgia.
My motto is: promise less, do more, so every time I have some surprises for you.
I’m PhD graduate in Folklore, have good knowledge of all regions of Georgia, especially mountainous part where my ancestry is from. So if you are interested deeply explore traditions and culture of this unique country I can tell you something more than others.
My aim is to show country in depth. Most important part of the trip is the feeling of curiosity caused by cultural difference, but you must be on a right place at the right time. As majority of travel companies or guides are orientated to show standard tourist attractions, these sites not always can provide you with the proper impression about the country. While nature, cuisine or Georgian wines are important part of the trip, I think, most impressive thing is everyday life of villagers, especially life of highlanders as they are very traditional and still follow ancient style of life. There are some places, where people still live in old towers or stone made houses, use caw dung as fuel or construction material, with handmade tools produce cheese, butter and other products. My goal is to enrich your holiday with new experience, with something different what you couldn’t see or feel in your country or elsewhere and this can be achieved if you become one of us. It’s like stage where we play role to be Georgian, and within this role there are many interesting topics or layers of culture, history, religion, habits and traditions, politics etc.. depending on your interests, we will touch probably many of those and this will help us create full image of my country. I just hardly understand people who doesn’t want to learn, explore and fully enjoy our country, who places iron curtain and stay as a stranger from arrival up to departure, then what’s the sense of travel?!
During mountain tours we will stay with locals or at my village house in mountains, depending on a route. It’s possible to participate in cheese, butter making process or cook some popular dishes from Georgian cuisine, try homemade vodka-moonshine or even distill it, if you wish.
I don’t want to talk a lot about myself how smart, kind or good I am. Better if others evaluate, just want to tell you: if you love nature, mountains and wildlife, want to familiarize with local culture, if you know the pleasure of fatigue which you pay for hiking up the hill, if you know what’s the feeling to be closer to the sky_ you are on the right place.
Basically, I have included all interesting places in my itineraries list, You can check most popular destinations: Shatili, Kazbegi, Svaneti, Tusheti etc.
All tours will be conducted by 4/4 luxury Range Rover L322  with 4 seats or in the case of larger groups by A/C comfortable minivan. Comfort and safety during the travel should be important point, as in general, technical condition of vehicles not so high in Georgia.
Some remarks:
Usually we have good tour if people like to open their heart, I hate formal relations, so during my tours we are also like one family, some people like this, some don’t. So after tour I have lot’s of friends and of course people with whom I couldn’t deal, from my words you can decide whether you wish to book the tour or not.
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Our customers say
Knowledgable and trustworthyWith Giorgi as our guide and driver we went on a two day trip up the valley to Roshka and further on foot to the Abudelauri lakes. The scenery in the mountains was truly spectacular, one of the most beautiful landscapes we have ever seen. We recommend Giorgi as a tour guide. He is Georgian, and speaks fluent Russian and English and has a university degree in Georgian folklore and history. We found Giorgi to be a pleasant and trustworthy person, and an excellent communicator (in the English language) 1. via email before our trip, writing promptly and extensively to us about the different tours and options for us within our limited time frame, and 2. during the trip telling us about his country's history, the Georigian peoples' triumphs and hardships, its myths and legends. Giorgi enjoys talking and loves to get questions from curious foreigners. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and found it really good value. So a big 'madloba' to you, Giorgi! I hope the extremely rough road to Roshka - and beyond - gets repaired soon! 
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A UNIQUE GuideNormally we are independent travellers but after months of research on Georgia,we realized the complexity of our itinerary required someone skilled not only in history and culture but also trekking ,gastronomy and knowledge of wine .Giorgi was the absolute right guide for us,he had all the skills and expertise needed as well, he was flexible when plans had to change and spontaneous when a good situation presented itself.Our tour was 3 weeks, but the time passed too quickly with such a unique guide.
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Unique experience in meeting the people and culture of GeorgiaOur six days tour to Georgia was a big success due to the careful planning by Giorgi, who adjusted the plan to fit our interests (through prompt and detailed email communication) . As Giorgi was not available on our dates he engaged a wonderful guide, Natia Inalishvili and driver, Soso, who made our trip very special through their knowledge , warmth and care. Beyond the beauty of the country and the historical churches and monasteries, we appreciated in particular the opportunity for intimate meeting with the people and culture ,. The tour included stay with families in villages where we sampled the local food and wine (incredibly good) and learn about the history , tradition and way of living . This kind of unique experience can only be arranged through private tour with a guide and driver with great local knowledge and passion to share their traditions. 
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